We'll keep it short – who's got time for these "About" pages these days, anyway? We're the modern day explorers, the Vasco da Gamas of liquids, the Marco Polos of brewing, flavour astronauts venturing into uncharted galaxies. We embarked on a wild journey, scouring far the corners of the world, unearthing the most epic finds. The good, the bad, the downright bizarre – we scooped it all up, tossed it into the brew pit, and BOOM!

Witness the flavour supernova, behold the birth of Two Face.

It's not rocket science. It's brewing science.

When we brew, we whip up a hefty batch of tea using pure, unadulterated tea leaves. We let it cool down to room temp and sprinkle some sugar. At this point, it's like an iced tea. Then, we introduce ferment from a prior mix, just like sourdough pros do. Our tea ferments out in the open, none of that closed container jazz like beer or wine. The yeast kicks off the sugar transformation into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Meanwhile, the bacteria are gearing up to turn that alcohol into various organic acids, thanks to some sweet O2 from the air around. We're not after that acetic acid you find in vinegar; it's a buzzkill in our brew. We're all about the lactic acid, malic acid, and glucuronic acid. The good stuff. As time rolls on through the fermentation deal, the sweetness takes a dive as sugar disappears, and the acidity cranks up. Simultaneously, the color lightens up, and the flavor switches from iced tea to a whole new vinous sensation. Our brew's ready when the acidity's on point, and that iced tea vibe has gone on vacation.